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Choice of paintings currently available

Freo Lighthouse Monet_edited.jpg
Monet inspired Fremantle sunset

Create this original painting of Fremantle's South Mole lighthouse reflecting the impressionist style of Monet. This is one is easier than it looks and is great for beginners.

Black cockatoo.jpg
Perth cityscape painting
Perth Reflection
Black Cockatoo
Pinnacles Galaxy

Try your hand at another WA icon. One pf most popular paintings. The use of a black background means that any errors are easily erased!

A great painting for any WA home of our glorious Perth city skyline at night. Learn how to blend subtle colours whilst adding dramatic reflections using vivid colours.

Learn how to create this dramatic galaxy painting featuring our very own unique WA landscape. You will get to create a simply satr effect whilst adding sand texture to the pinnacles.

Dramatic Tree sunset
Dramatic tree sunset

Learn how to paint a tree in detail against this beautiful dramatic sky including how to create realistic clouds.

This painting suits all abilities.

Pallet knife trees
Rose Swirl
Pallet knife trees

This gorgeous painting is a great addition to brighten up your walls at home. Learn how with a simple technique you can produce stunning roses.

Challenge yourself with this stunning landscape from Bells Rapids. You will learn how to use a pallet knife to create textures and detail all with one tool.

Crawley Edge Boat shed_edited.jpg
Perth Boat Shed

Create this beautiful and iconic Perth scene to suit any home. Learn how easy it is to blend the sky before producing an accurate and symmetrical  boat shed..

Dancing silhouette paintig
Ballerina Tutu painting
Dancing Silhouette
Ballerina Tutu

This dynamic painting teaches you how to blend through cross hatching. Try your hand at a more impressionistic style of painting.

This stunning ballerina painting would compliment any decor. This painting is easier than you would think and would suit all abilities including beginners.

Boab Sunset
Pop Art Pets Merlot.jpg
Hillarys sunset
Enchanted Forrest
Sorrento Beach texture.jpg
Hillary's Boat Harbour
Enchanted Forrest
Pop Art Pets
Boab Sunset
Sorrento Beach

Is there anything more WA than this stunning sunset painting featuring our very own Boab tree. Great for absolute beginners. Here you get to learn how to blend sunset colours whilst adding a dramatic silhouette foreground.

Paint your own pet! For this painting, simply email a photo of your pet and learn how to transfer it to a canvas painting. 

Challenge yourself with a combination of pallet knife and brush work to create this spectacular painting. Hillary's at sunset is like no where else on earth!

One of the easiest paintings we do. Based on the beautiful forrests around  Pemberton, learn how 3 simple techniques can produce this stunning otucome.

Produce this dynamic sunset over Sorrento Beach using sand from the actual beach to create the textured foreground. Learn how to create realistic cloud detail to complete this lovely landscape.

Perth city by night .jpg
Emu 1.jpg
Perth Starry might.jpg
Perth Starry Night
Pelican Sunset
The Flying Dolphin
Perth city by night
Cheeky Emu

Try your hand at this striking and colourful painting of a Pelican on Canning Highway. Learn how a sponge can make blending a sunset so much easier.

Our stunning city is known as the city of lights for a reason. Learn how two simple techniques can help you create this stylish night city scape.

Learn how a simple brush technique can create the texture for this iconic WA cheeky Emu. This can be painted using any colour scheme so is great for couples looking for a pair of paintings.

Fancy having one of the most famous paintings with a unique twist on your wall? Everyone loves Van Gogh. Now try your hand at having this iconic painting with our very own Perth skyline


Learn how to create this gorgeous moonscape featuring our iconic Swan river dolphin.

Wildflower Bloom_edited.jpg
pinnacles daytime.jpg
Oh Duck.jpg
Coral Bay Sunset.jpg
Secret Garden Karrinyup.jpg
Pinnacles Landscape
Coral Bay Sunset
Wildflowers bloom
Secret Garden - Karrinyup
Oh Duck!

Capture our wildflowers in their full glory with this gorgeous floral arrangement. A quick and great choice for groups who want to prioritise socialising. 

Paint this iconic WA landscape which would suit any Perth home. Learn how to create extra texture by painting with sand!

Have fun with this wee fella! With this vibrant painting, you will learn how to mix colour whilst having great fun recreating his expression. 

Learn how simple it is to create this iconic Coral Bay sunset using sponges. A quick painting that's great if you're looking for more time to drink and socialise. 

This is one of those paintings that looks hard but is actually easy once you've been taught the simple technique.

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